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VO Description:
Vibrant, Versatile & Trusting, Emily has a calming & youthful tone. She masters the British accent but being a native German she can also naturally dial up and tone down German accent easily.

Emily Winkler is a bi - lingual German/English actress and artist based in London. She was born and raised in the South West of Germany and moved to London at the age of 18 to complete an internship at a TV production company, which gave her an insight into the TV and film industry. She is currently completing her acting degree at drama school, which she will graduate from in Summer 2023.

Throughout her life Emily was passionate about various creative crafts: since the age of 5 she has been practicing ballet as well as other dance forms such as contemporary, lyrical, jazz and ballroom. She has
also been practicing arts such as drawing and likes to recreate naturalistic portraits.

As the daughter of a sound engineer she has always been passionate about music and plays the flute as well as the guitar. Since childhood she has found her happiness through performing on stage or in front of the camera, which is where she truly shines.

Emily has a bubbly, generous and confident personality with an ambitious and curious mindset which aids her to always be up for new challenges to reach her goals.

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