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VO description

Birmingham, Friendly, Natural, Upbeat Clear, Expressive, Relatable

Matt is an Olivier-nominated actor and musician. He was born in the West Midlands and has worked in the entertainment industry since he was six years old.

The last twenty-five years have seen him on stage in various guises from a Fairy King in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream for Sir Trevor Nunn to the swashbuckling hero Zorro in the West End of London and on screen working with the likes of Danny Boyle and featured in various popular BBC dramata.

Matt started playing the piano and singing at the age of four and has performed internationally with concert orchestras around the world. Matts versatile West Midlands vernacular is engaging, warm in tone and has a wide range from playful, bright and youthful to something darker and more direct.

He has been told by various partners during his lifetime that despite their preconceptions of a Birmingham accent it is is oddly sexy.

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