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VO Description:

Versatile, Deep, Rich, Vibrant, Relatable, Charming and Contemporary. Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and can easily move into various other accents. Impressionist, Real, distinctive, and Eloquent.

Abilio Joao (aka Broken Pen) is a multi-disciplined, bi-lingual, award-winning Rapper, Unique, Spoken Word Artist, and Writer. Abilio offers an extensive range of voice over skills and his innate talent within the VO industry.

Best known as a semi finalist on last years ITV’s The Voice. Abilio’s skills are limitless. As an experienced studio engineer and Artist, he can offer an insight and understanding of sound and skill within his roles. He can adapt to a variety of scripts from announcements, advertisements, conversation, animation and much more, making him compatible with a wide range of demographics including gaming, narration children’s productions and corporate work.

Abilio is also a skilled impressionist. He can mimic mannerisms, voices, and sounds. Abilio created his own cartoon and performed the voices of all the characters. He has previous experience hosting on Soho radio and has been a guest on several podcasts. He has performed spoken word at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is highly regarded on the London Spoken word scene. Abilio mentors’ young people in South London and is a producer, performer, and public speaker. Whether corporately or creatively, he has an instinctive ability to adapt and surpass expectations with his VO work.

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