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Voice Description:

English RP, Essex and German / Warm, Sincere, Trustworthy, Classic

Voice Range: 20s-30s

Timothy is a voice artist, actor and musician from Essex. He is of Austrian as well as English heritage and has a degree in Modern Foreign Languages from Durham University so speaks German to a native standard and fluent French.
He graduated from Drama Studio London in 2017 where he became a highly commended BBC Carleton Hobbs Award Finalist for Radio. Since then he has consistently worked in audio, playing numerous roles for audio drama Company Big Finish in productions such as Doctor Who, Dracula, and Torchwood and also features in the upcoming audio movie Unsinkable starring John Malkovich, Brian Cox and Thomas Brodie-Sangster.
A career highlight would be playing ‘Wolfgang’ in The Night of the Iguana at the Noel Coward Theatre in the West End where the role involved tormenting Clive Owen’s character and doing handstands in a red pair of speedos!

Timothy also wrote and produced Christmas comedy ‘AlterNativity’, which ran at the Hope Theatre and Bread and Roses Theatre in London in 2018.

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