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To book Maisie, listen to more reels or request tailored voiceover options for your sample script, please contact the agency.



VO Description:

Warm, Confident, Young, Fresh, Caring, Self-Assured, Maisie’s gorgeous voice is incredibly easy on the ears and works beautifully with so many brands targeting a wide range of demographics.

Maisie has been providing her voicing skills since she was 14, predominantly for language learning and corporate videos and records from home at the family studio. Maisie has a lovely warmth to her natural RP voice with a very subtle huskiness and being only 18, she also has the ability to play younger or slightly older characters. Maisie is a lover of the creative arts. An actor, singer, musician and artist, she has finished studying A-levels at Suffolk One college, and is set to attend Falmouth University with an unconditional offer to study fine art. When she’s not in the studio playing bass or writing songs, she enjoys working out and playing with her dog Juno!

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