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VO Description

Chigbu has a Warm, Friendly, Confident, Clear, Trustworthy, and Young voice. Chigbu has one of the most emerging natural voices in the industry and is perfect for a wide range of VO projects.

Chigbu Elechi-Igwe is of Nigerian and Scottish decent, she was born in Rivers State, Nigeria and has lived in London, England since the age of 13. Chigbu is a refreshing new voice in the VO industry, she is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design at University of the Arts London and Is a member of her university’s radio society called ‘Rupture Radio’. Chigbu was a member of the Croydon Youth Theatre Organisation from January 2016 to July 2018, and she was a part of Show Face Festival’s 2020 summer festival. Her natural accent is an amalgamation of a Nigerian (Port Harcourt) accent and a few British accents.