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VO Description:
Solid, straightforward delivery, dependable relaxed tone, smooth, sincere, English Italian bi-lingual

Vincenzo aka Enzo, plays 50s-60s and is native Worcestershire from Italian parents. Although his background is Italian and he gets work as such, he's mostly hired for UK & US accents. The legacy of growing up in England in an Italian community, with its variety of dialects, is both a very good ear & a flexible voice! So he's been hired for a vast range of accents throughout his career.

Enzo, trained at LAMDA and has worked across all areas of the industry and his Voice Work includes: Computer games (Rebellion), BBC Radio 4 plays, collections of eps of Doctor Who & Blake's 7 for Big Finish, corporate & commercial projects, numerous ADR's and is currently two different characters in Thomas the Tank Engine.

Films include: Aliens 3, The Dark Knight, Captain Phillips, Leap Year, In Love & War, Rabbit Fever, Sixty Six, The Naughty List (short).
Television includes: Mr. Selfridge, Black Books, Foyle's War, Urban Myths, The Coroner, Father Brown, Hank Zipzer, Rome, Spooks, Holby City, Eastenders.

Stage work includes: The National Theatre, Almeida Theatre, West End, Shakespeare's Globe, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, Southwark Playhouse, Edinburgh Festival and various repertory companies throughout the country.


To book Enzo, listen to more reels, or request tailored voiceover options for your sample script please contact the agency.

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