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VO description:

English Neutral RP, Character, Assured, Friendly, Natural, Clear, Warm.

Vocal age: 20s - early 30s.

Rowan was raised in the New Forest and now lives in London. He has played basketball at an International level and spent time living in Gran Canaria as an athlete. Straight after graduating from drama school with a first class degree (where he was selected to represent his graduating year at the Carleton Hobbs Radio Competition, and also at Shakespeare's Globe as part of the Sam Wanamaker Festival), Rowan was cast in Kingsman: The Secret Service and has been working consistently since. He's performed with the RSC (The Hypocrite), on the West End (Another Country), and on TV (Good Omens/Dr Who) amongst others. Rowan's vocal skills have seen him draw upon a variety of accents within professional productions, ranging from German and Californian to West country and Irish.

VO description: Character: Assured, Friendly, Natural. Quality: Clear, Warm. Vocal age: 20s - early 30s. Native accent: Neutral RP | London.


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