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VO Description:

Young, Fresh, Smooth, Friendly, Delicate, Cheerful, Neutral, Engaging, Current, Velvety

Poppy is an actor and writer and a fresh new voice in the VO industry. She trained at Identity School of
Acting and recently used her home recording studio for a BBC New Creatives radio play. Poppy has performed in independent shorts and in fringe theatre both in London and across the South West. She recently started a kids Youtube channel with her Labradoodle called Poppy and Dexter, creating fun and educational videos for under 5s. Poppy’s voice is young, fresh and engaging and is perfect for kids entertainment, audiobooks, animation and commercials. She has a neutral/RP accent, but can naturally switch into a cockney accent having lived in South East London as a child.

Poppy is also the co-founder of the Untamed Community, an online platform set up to support and mentor young actors. She is a yoga fanatic and a self-proclaimed Karaoke Queen.


To book Poppy, listen to more reels, or request tailored voiceover options for your sample script please contact the agency.

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