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VO Description:

English Neutral, Commentator, Honest, Informative, Corporate, Commercial, Announcer, Radio, Idents

Philip Chryssikos is a highly regarded and award-winning British broadcaster, journalist, news reader and voiceover artist with more than 25 years’ experience spanning BBC, commercial and online outlets.
As a voiceover, Philip is described as sounding: “confident, engaging and distinctive, with trusting tones.” His voice is neutral in accent with a Received Pronunciation (RP) / Standard English presence.
Regularly commissioned for corporate presentations, e-learning, in-flight announcements, telephone on-hold (IVR), as well as radio and television commercials worldwide; Philip’s voice is trusted by internationally recognised brand names.
As an in-vision presenter, Philip regularly hosts international corporate presentations and awards events.
Separately, Philip is heard on the United Kingdom’s biggest and most loved commercial radio stations a news broadcaster and presenter.


To book Philip, listen to more reels, or request tailored voiceover options for your sample script please contact the agency.

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