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VO Description:

English Neutral, Husky, Expressive, Informative, Commercial, Narrative, Radio

Jill Kenton is a confident and versatile Full Time Voiceover. She works on all forms of Voiceover work from E-learning, IVR (Voicemail), Corporates, Animations, Television and Radio Commercials.

Jill’s career continues to go from strength to strength. She has voiced for the Shard, in London for 5 years, voicing the new year’s eve countdown, The London Eye, when you enter the ticket hall Jill will greet you by voice, The Royal Airforce Museum, their full voicemail systems, both in London and up in the North of England. And currently the voice Intro/outro for a celebrity Harry Potter book read on Spotify.

Jill also has a radio career under her belt, working for Time FM for 3 years driving the desk on the afternoon show and interviewing some interesting guests as well as delivering up to date current news as well as music. She is has also covered afternoon shows for Talk Radio Europe as ‘’swing’ afternoon presenter. Jill has also been a regular contributor on BBC Radio London and Talk Radio London.

Cool, bright, warm, friendly, husky and informative. Jill’s ability allows her to cover many styles, ranging from bright and youthful, to warm and sincere for explainer projects. She loves business narrations which utilises her business background.


To book Jill, listen to more reels, or request tailored voiceover options for your sample script please contact the agency.

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