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VO Description:

Friendly, Earthy, Reassuring, Versatile, Playful, Warm, Energetic, Confident, Clear, Modern, Sultry & Smooth, Trustworthy. Annice, simply has a strong and effortless connection to text.

Annice is originally from the West Midlands and is proudly British Asian. She trained at The Oxford School of Drama on the 3 year acting course and has been based in London ever since. Since graduating Annice has had consistent success in her acting work. Most recently playing a lead role on the West End for Sonia Friedman Productions and working with the RSC.

Outside of her acting work Annice is hugely passionate about creating opportunities for the next generation of creatives from ethnic, working class and regional backgrounds like herself. She runs workshops with Act Up, as well as being part of The Oxford School of Drama Audition Panel and Outreach Programme. In addition to this she is a founding member of Speakbeat Collective who host regular spoken word and performance events for artists at venues including The Bush Theatre.

Annice would describe herself as an all-round creative person often doodling henna designs on herself and her friends. And though she LOVES to party and salsa dancing she’s also a regular yogi who enjoys her zen time and the sea.

Annice is a fresh voice to the VO industry, and she can’t wait to see where this journey takes her.

**Head over to our international page to listen to Annice Asian reels**


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