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VO description:
Soft, Likeable, Engaging, Current, Friendly, Natural, Upbeat

Alicia Dillon is a Liverpool born actress who completed her actor training at UCLan - which is ranked 1st in the UK (Guardian University Guide 2021) and went on to perform in local festivals and stage throughout the UK. Since working with ‘Peppa Pig’s’ voice actress Sarah Ann Kennedy during her training, Alicia then went on to be chosen to complete vocal training at the renowned Roy Hart theatre in France.

Alicia’s latest work includes voicing the animation for the charity Guts UK, something that aligns with her own activism for hidden disabilities; committed to making the invisible, visible through her platform. With an ear for accents and a naturally relatable, fresh, and engaging voice- Alicia can effortlessly switch her native Liverpudlian accent to northern after spending her recent years in Lancashire.

ADHD Pot Pourri, a BBC New Creatives short, is a poignant insight of the invisible - shining a light on a condition that is rarely focused on later in life, something which Alicia is immensely proud to have recently been a part of. Soon to appear on ITV’s Coronation Street, watch this space as Alicia is one to watch!


To book Alicia, listen to more reels, or request tailored voiceover options for your sample script please contact the agency.

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