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VO Description:
Italian, Soothing, natural flair, fantastic technique & great ear for direction, broad range from commercial, documentary, narrative piece to radio & corporate.

Saverio is an established actor and voiceover and in the past he worked also as a producer and director. He’s also a teacher of Italian diction.
He developed his career in Italy (he was born and raised in Milan), where he worked in several TV shows, films, stage plays, corporate films and commercials. He learned the craft over six years of intense training with a very renowned acting coach. Recently he moved to London in search of new exciting opportunities, since he’s very fluent with the language and can easily work in English. Languages are in fact one of his point of strength, being fluent also in French and Spanish (he also studied Latin and Ancient Greek at the Liceo Classico). 

He loves cooking, photography and abstract art. He’s very good at sports: ski, tennis, golf, sailing, water-ski, arms handling and few others.
Gospel singing and guitar are amongst his other skills. He’s a very open and friendly person and his enthusiasm is contagious. 
His classy Italian style makes him a very charming character.


To book Saverio, listen to more reels, or request tailored voiceover options for your sample script please contact the agency.

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