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VO Description:

English Neutral, Asian, Expressive, Story-Teller, Documentary, Narrative, Commercial, Deep, Smooth, Gravitas, Rich, Sincere, Relaxed, Upbeat

Adi studied Architecture and practiced Socio-Spatial Analysis before changing career to write and make films.

Having studied at both Oxford and Cambridge, Adipat has qualifications that include Creative Writing, Marketing and PR and MA’s in Screenwriting and in Design, Strategy and Innovation.

Adi subsequently set up Maaji Productions to develop his media and entertainment ideas with the philosophy of creating socially responsible projects that nurture new talent and create innovative opportunities.

Alongside TV, film and documentary projects, Maaji also organizes industry events and is developing training courses. Key projects include Searching, a Sundance New Frontier Story Lab finalist, that looks to raise awareness around honour-based crimes and Underground, a story world set against the history of London, involving a team of ghost hunters operating on the Underground system.

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