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VO Description:

Bright, Friendly, and Energetic, packed full of Character, Warmth – a familiar sound perfect for grabbing your audience’s attention in a commercial or promo. Her native accent will also bring reassurance to your next documentary or brand film.

Gillian is a native Liverpudlian, she has the ability to deliver a wide range of accents/voices - (Including her second to non-Hyacinth Bucket impersonation!) & can easily insert hints of her Northern roots into a neutral accent.
After training at Guildford School of Acting, Gillian has gone on to enjoy a twenty-five-year career in Theatre, TV and Radio.
Shows include Kinky Boots/Bad Girls The Musical (West End original cast) and Blood Brothers/Mamma Mia! (UK Tours) She has also had the brilliant fortune of working with idols Willy Russell and Alan Bleasdale in their brilliant works Stags and Hens, Our Day Out and On the ledge, respectively.
Her latest projects were the voice of John Moore's University, Haven Holidays and Sky 1's forthcoming series, Funny Girl.
Gillian is currently based in Liverpool but can get on a Pendalino in a hop, skip and a jump!

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