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VO Description:

Irish. Authentic, engaging, enticing, natural & warm

Aisling Leyne (phonetically pronounced Ashling Line) is from Ireland, she grew up in Dublin. She originally trained as a classical actor at Trinity College's Samuel Beckett Centre, and later in the UK, as a physical theatre performer, specialising in puppetry.

She has worked all over the world as a puppeteer for outdoor events, street festivals and concerts, including operating a radioactive giant flea on stage with The Flaming Lips.

Closer to home, Aisling has worked across all areas of the industry. She was cast straight out of drama school into Noel Pearson's Frankie Starlight and has since worked extensively in theatre, both in Ireland and the UK.

On screen she has also starred in Nova Film/TV's Five Ways John Wayne Didn't Die, Monika Oechsler's Johari's Window and Tindersticks' music DVD Bareback.

Her voice work includes comedies for BBC Radio Merseyside, historical characters for BBC Radio 4, audio installations for exhibitions & theatrical events, corporate & commercial projects, audiobook narration and a multitude of characters for The Redwall Series of children's talking books.

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