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VO Description:

Danish, Expressive, Playful, Narration, Animation, Young, Fresh

Andreas G. Hansen is an expressive and lovable actor with over 10 years of experience in TV, short films, commercials, music videos, live events and more. Working with his voice in front of the camera for so many years has made him ready and able to deliver voice-over projects that hits your goals, spoken with elegance and confidence, down to the last word.

Holding 2 degrees from Copenhagen, Denmark, an acting degree from New York and work experience in Los Angeles and all over Europe, he has worked in many different industries with people from all over the world. Needless to say, he knows the importance of good communication and good delivery.

So whether you are looking for fresh and upbeat or smooth and sexy sound, Andreas will deliver projects that the clients trust and the listeners will love..


To book Andreas, listen to more reels, or request tailored voiceover options for your sample script please contact the agency.

Audio Book 2 Danish
Audio Book Danish
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