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VO Description:

Jamie’s voice is incredibly easy on the ears and his voice works so beautifully with so many current brands, targeting a wide spectrum of demographics. Relatable, ‘Cheeky Chappie’, Friendly, Charming, Reassuring, Likeable, Charismatic & Effortless. Definitely possesses a punch of Energy in his delivery.

Jamie trained at LAMDA and has been busy since graduating in 1999. Known for playing the Role of PC Stuart Kent in Eastenders.

He has appeared in over 20 commercials for walkers with Gordon Ramsey and Gary Lineker, MTV, Head and Shoulders, Smyths toy shops, Ask Ollie, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Punta gamer beer and the Renault advert that got banned!! Jamie's most recent advert is for “E-Wallet” which he filmed in Lebanon last year.

Other TV credits include "Jenkins" in channel 5's "Billie girl from the future". "Steve French" in 999 Killer on the line. "George Hutchinson" in channel 5's "Jack the Ripper". Jasper Shuringer in the "shoe bomber" reconstruction on the documentry channel. PC Jim Berry in a police reconstruction at the Bill studios.
“Jeff Cook" in the "Second from disasters" series.

British feature film "Dead Fred" on Amazon Prime Alongside Sandra Dickinson.

He has just finished the pilot film for Netflix “Madeline” playing Nick Bodman and the comedy pilot “Tab Theory”.

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