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VO Description:

Versatile and easily moves between his native Australian and more ‘Generic’ accents. Rich, vibrant, relatable, charming, deep, fun, contemporary, characters.

James, a native of Western Australia, has over 25 years of professional experience including over a decade hosting and producing his own breakfast show on the Hot FM Network. In a voiceover career spanning more than two decades, he has recorded thousands of commercials for all manner of clients and his voice has been regularly heard on television and radio stations across Australia.

In 2006, James relocated to the United Kingdom where he has spent the last 15 years traveling the world with Formula 1. In a variety of roles both inside and outside of the Paddock, James has ideated, developed, and managed global VIP and experiential programs for teams, series partners, and stakeholders alike.

As a confident and eloquent voice-over actor and public speaking professional, James has interviewed celebrities, motorsport talent, and high-level VIPs in a variety of live and recorded environments. In addition to this, he has presented to large-scale audiences and has trained others in speaking and presentation competence. His impressive range of vocal dexterity, along with the ability to listen, learn, and create from scratch, provides James the opportunity to apply his talent to a wide range of characters and accents.

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