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VO Description:

French, English, Vibrant, Young, Cool, Relatable, Youthful, Upbeat

After trainings at Acting International and at Actors Factory in Paris, Clement stepped into the industry in France on television and theatre. On stage with some comedy plays and musicals, and on televison with different parts in some famous french TV shows.
He moved to London in 2018, where he trained with the Actors' Guild and at the Actors Centre, and played in the UK/Indian production Namaste England.
Clement is now living between Paris and London. He also wrote and directed his first short film in 2019 and he is currently working on his next project.
Please visit Clement's Spotlight links below for further information, voice reels & credits.

**Head over to our International page to listen to Clement's French reels**

Singing English
Narration English
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