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VO Description:
Swedish, Transatlantic, Engaging, Strong, Assured, Direct, Authoritative, Earthy, Natural, Relatable, Relaxed, Warm, Versatile & Upbeat.

Carl Lindquist is a Swedish actor, singer and voice artist with a good command of his vocal range. He is known for his extensive experience as a stage actor, as well as appearing in various film & TV productions across the globe.
Recent projects include voice-over for Klarna, voicing the character ”Sniper” in the 2022 Netflix series ’Clark’, voice-over for ”Thorvald”, the polar bear in a commercial for Wild Deodorant and playing the role of ”Old Alyani” in the video game ’SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest’.
In 2021 Carl played the leading role in the short film, ’Max’ as well as being the co- producer of the film. In December the same year he won the Monthly Indie Shorts Award for Best Actor for his role as ‘Max MacLean’. He was also the voice-over for the Swedish travel agency VING’s commercials, broadcast on Swedish national television and online.
Carl appeared as "Raoul" in the Norwegian premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera at the Folketeateret in Oslo in 2018-2019, and he was nominated for Best Actor in a Musical - BroadwayWorld Norway Awards for his portrayal.
Voiceover credits include Klarna, Google, Netflix, Ving, Wild Cosmetics.

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