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VO Description:

Spanish, Transatlantic US, Vibrant, Cool, Engaging, Playful, Expressive, Informative, Gaming, Animation, Narration, Commercial

The trajectory of Antonio is one full of diverse multidisciplinary experiences that merge in into his career as a voice talent. Born in San Juan de Puerto Rico, he practically grew up working big venues, important stages and renown theatres in his country. This gave way to a love for that magic that takes place behind the scenes and a fascination for music. Has had the privilege of working with incredible musicians and artists throughout his life.

His career as a voice over artist began in parallel while working as an audio engineer. Working in the studio and having the privilege of recording top voice actors with great directors and producers was vital for his development as a voice talent. His passion for declamation and performing arts, his artistic background, his multidisciplinary education and his undeniable technical lineage merge into one of the most recognised and most successful bilingual Puerto Rican voice talents known worldwide today.

From his studio in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Antonio offers his voice to world-renowned brands, he is the narrator of multiple e-learning and training modules for multinational entities and companies, is the voice of some of the most popular terrestrial and satellite radio stations in the USA. In addition to this, he works as a translator and announcer for several automotive dealers and entertainment producers throughout the United States.

Antonio is a versatile and dynamic bilingual voice actor with a wide tonal range going from the descriptive factual style of documentary narration, edgy and up-tempo promos, youthful conversational guy next door commercial reads to complex video game characters.

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